Supply Chain Solutions

Our Shine’s operational excellence experts are able to customize supply chain solutions by using a proven and quantifiable process to manage your supply chain in most efficient and cost-effective approach.

Customized Your Own Supply Chain Business – We, Shine

In order to enables you to effectively manage, improve and reduce costs in your global supply chain, we use both Order Management and Vendor Management to achieve these.

Order Management

Shine Order Management is designed to support the efficient communication and subsequent flow of product from opening of an order to shipment, highlighting and resolving exceptions in the process to meet your timelines and budgets. It is the management of those details that allow for continuous improvements in your supply chain.


How Order Transmission Streamline

We customize your own PO management process for you to distribute PO information to your suppliers. In turn, they acknowledge, accept, decline and amend the orders. Once accepted, your supplier can distribute the order information to supplemental factories, helping them to balance capacity with demand. PO Management offers a range of highly effective, streamlining services that includes:

  • Monitoring PO quantity and cargo ready date
  • Providing proper vendor training
  • Managing documentation from vendors to prevent delays
  • Implementing of vendor performance KPIs
  • Distributing PO’s. We run the PO distribution directly to factory or agent
  • Providing key milestone to track your order status.


Vendor Management

Our Vendor Management services ensure all your production and shipment process is completed on timely manner and well quality standards which includes shipment monitoring, education and performance measurements by following parameters :

  • Ship window compliance
  • Submission of documents
  • Container utilization
  • Accuracy of shipment advices and container manifests
  • Shipment quantity and quality


To enjoy benefits by our Shine Supply Chain Solutions Service, please connect with your local teams who will develop the right individual solution for your business !

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