Executive Board Preview

Director Message

“Our China market has seen an extraordinary growth over the past fifteen more years due to our expanding business in major cities across China. With the development of economic, trades between countries become more frequent. We, Shine Group has seized the opportunity and reintegration through our 4 Shine China Group offices ( Shenzhen, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai ) along with 60 more our China / worldwide agents for acquiring us towards one of the international freight forwarding especially on USA , AU, EU , Intra-Asia markets.

With an eye on the growing and increasingly liberal logistics on emerging markets, we have strengthened our presence through our agents in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, offering a variety of value-added services, such as pre shipment inspection, labelling, and pick-and-pack. Ensure that it should have potential growth for supply-chain management facilities, particularly with regard to handling complex sourcing issues, production requirements and servicing sales networks in recent year.

To continue to earn a reputation of integrity, service and diversity our services in response to changing market conditions well ahead of our competition , we engage and retain the most qualified and dedicated individuals who share the Company’s vision l. I am extremely proud of our staff and what they have accomplished. If you are currently a dependable customers, thank you for allowing us to serve you.“

said by Derek Chim, our Shine Group Director.