Cross-Border E-commerce Supply Chain Services

With the increase in the popularity of e-shops along with the Chinese government’s efforts to develop new E-commerce business model, all these accelerates to the Cross-Border E-commerce business keeps growing exponentially. Acting as exclusive agent of a major online retailers “ Newegg “, we committed to provide one-stop cross-border e-commerce supply chain services to mainland China and overseas buyers, thereby reducing sales costs, ensuring product quality and after-sales services quality. We offer a wide range of domestic and international services as follow :

  • Apart from general cross-border deliveries such as shipping LCL, FCL, air freight, customs clearance, warehousing, etc., we also deliver multi-channel cross-border solutions that exceeds local sellers expectation
  • By consolidating huge volume of different merchants cargoes along with our bargaining power with our long-term cooperative ocean / air carriers, we ensure that customers are not only get competitive prices, but also receive flexibility, stable and comprehensive transportation modes in connecting your first legs shipments to USA
  • A complete visibility cargo tracking system connects with our own GPS Fleet Truck at USA, allowing each of our buyers clearly understand the progress of each aspect of cross-border logistics until the cargo is safely delivered to final customers. We make your last mile delivery seamless, enables you to develop your business in hassle free manner.  
  • With more than 17 years of professional customs clearance experience and a strong network of customs clearance agents, we can deliver smooth customs clearance process at destination ports and allow your goods to be easily sold overseas.
  • Posses of international standards of inspection agents, seller should sell their goods comply with each country’s requirements and provide appropriate commodity inspection standards enquiry if necessary. If the goods do not meet the inspection requirements, we will suggest corresponding contingency plan to reduce transport risk, so that it will not affected compliance supplier’s as a whole
  • We are not only customize an efficient and streamlined Cross-Border E-Commerce supply chain solution to traditional B2B business sector but also B2C sectors.
  • We provide sufficient storage allotment to ensure that our operations are not affected by any change of market resource conditions
  • We posses C-TPAT certificate in order to let your cargoes comply with customs clearance and reduce customs exam ratio at USA

Newegg USA Distribution Centre

To enjoy benefits by our Shine Cross-Border E-commerce Supply Chain Solutions, please connect with your local teams who will develop the right individual solution for your business !

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.