Operational Excellence

In order to deliver our best services and supply chain management in the industry, our supply chain and business experts work from centers of excellence around Shine Group and our agents, bringing you depth of expertise and breadth of experience gained from different territories and market sectors. Based on your designated requirements and challenges, our Shine experienced project and supply chain solutions design consultants iteratively designs and customize particular solutions for your supply chain.

For improving supply chain performance through the organization and alignment of the end to end logistics processes occurring throughout the supply chain network, our consultants understand that elimination of overlapping processes can have cost-saving and reduce waste across the various touch points in an organization from placement of a factory build order up until final delivery of finished product to a final customer. This includes defining optimal solutions which deliver the greatest impact to strengthen your business processes and share best practices / methodologies to exploit efficiency opportunities are as stated as follow:

  • - Business Intelligence and comprehensive Key Performance Indicators (KPI) monitoring
  • - Optimization and visualization tools

To achieve a Zero Defect Start-Up (ZDS) once a new customer is welcomed onboard, we provide project management expertise set in a single framework of documents for all Shine Shipping businesses.

Our Project Management team aims to avoid any duplication of effort or re-working, and reduce implementation expenses. Within its structure, tasks are identified, project owners put in place and timelines set.